Radek Rudnicki, Tristan Bunn, Jon He and Andre Mūrnieks.

An interactive installation and educational platform that engages audiences of all ages with music, technology, and game design. The focus is on providing entertaining challenges inexpensively, that promote creative problem solving, collaborative work, and programming using visual apparatus.

Using low tech, paper-based media, and coded image recognition users are interacting with the platform. It uses layered sound output as feedback to test participants’ solutions to challenges that bridge the arts and sciences through the basics of music, logic, and gaming dynamics. Originally PaperTracker was built as an education platform and to build capacity both for educators and 10-14 year-old children from disadvantaged areas of New Zealand. It will be presented for the first time internationally at Tokyo Festival of Modular and in the form of an audio-visual installation.


The PaperTracker was developed, as a research project at Massey University, College of Creative Arts, Wellington, New Zealand by Radek Rudnicki, Tristan Bunn, Jon He and Andre Mūrnieks.