Tokyo Festival of ModularはTFoMなどのモジュラーシンセサイザーをとりまく、エレクトロニックミュージックの展示会、見本市 & コンサートのイベント主催、開催。モジュラーシンセサイザーワークショップ、DIYワークショップ、レコードレーベル(予定)を運営し、日本におけるモジュラーシンセサイザーを取り巻くシーンの活性化とマーケットのソリューションをめざします。

Tokyo Festival of Modular コンセプト




イベント”Tokyo Festival of Modular””Cafe Deluxe””Workshop of Modular”などを主催、海外スポンサー紹介/ 商談アレンジ、アーティスト紹介/ブッキング/アレンジ、モジュラーシンセ情報サイト”Modular Synthesizer Club”運営、モジュラーシンセサイザーレコードレーベル”PURE”の運営


to promote awareness of and interest in the modern modular synthesiser and it’s extensive creative possibilities;

to showcase both local and international electronic musicians performing with modular synthesisers;

to give the opportunity for some of the many manufacturers producing Eurorack synthesiser modules to promote their designs in what is currently a limited market in Japan.


The modern resurgence of modular synthesisers has brought the organic and esoteric beauty of analogue electronics in harmony with advances in digital technology.
This momentum has been enhanced by a growing desire for physical hardware interaction with real circuits among a generation of musicians, producers and sound designers tired of preset sounds and of being a slave to the mouse and screen.
Most of all, the open patchable format of modulars makes sound exploration virtually infinite in configurability and creative experimentation.
Pushing the boundaries further and faster than anywhere else is the portable and affordable Eurorack format for modular synthesis, spearheaded by Doepfer in 1995 but now joined by a dizzying array of boutique companies.