Pin-Hsin, Wang (Miss DJ Bear Beat)

Pin-Hsin, Wang (Miss DJ Bear Beat) is a Taiwanese musician, pianist, composer, sound 

designer, modular synthesizer player based in Kaohsiung. 

Her music combines minimalism with classical, using acoustic instruments and electronic 

sounds, showing the conflict and fusion between the old school and the new technic 

under the sound texture of the layers. 

Her music career has followed the tone of the classical music until 2016. She formed the 

“Go Go Machine Orchestra” band with friends, life changed from a gorgeous classical 

stage to an independent music field. 

Nominated for “Best Live Performance” twice and “Best Crossover Album” for Golden 

Indie Music Awards. In 2019, the band Go Go Machine 

Orchestra participated KEXP LIVE session and had tour in Europe. 







ラシック⾳楽のトーンに従っ てきました。友⼈たちと 「Go Go Machine Orchestra」と

いうバンドを結成し、華やかなクラ シックの舞台から独立した⾳楽の世界に移りまし

た。2度「最優 秀ライブパフォーマンス」にノミ ネートされ、Golden Indie Music Awards

では「最優秀クロスオー バーアルバム」にノミネートされま した。2019年には、Go Go 

Machine OrchestraバンドはKEXP LIVEセッションに参加し、ヨーロッ パでツアーを⾏い


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City Delusion (Solo Album)

Time (Go GO Machine Orchestra)

Symbol (Go Go Machine Orchestra)