第2期K2(1993-2002年: 東京勤務時代): 自主レーベルKINKY MUSIK INSTITUTEを立ち上げ、K2として再び活動を開始。初期は鬱鬱としたドローン・ノイズであったが、1st CD ”Metaloplakia”を作製を機に、メタル・ジャンクを用いたカット・アップ・ノイズの作製に注力していく。同時にMTRを使ったライブを東京を中心に行い始め、1999年にはアメリカ西海岸にMSBRらと共にミニ・ツアーを敢行。カセット、ヴァイナル、CDRやCDを始め、フォーマットと捉われず、多数の作品を国内外のレーベルや自身のレーベルからリリースする。また、異色のコラボで両A面7inchシリーズ”Noise Tournament”を始め、The Haters, De Fabriek, RLW, R&G, Hands To, Aubeなどとの作品をリリース。
第3期K2(2005-現在:静岡在住時代):独Tochnit Alephからの1通のメールが機になって、三度、音楽活動を再開する。今までのスタイルとは異なり、当初は、多量のエフェクターやミキサーのフィードバックを用いたjunk electronicsを軸とした電子音を多用する様になり、電子音楽とカット・アップによる独自のハーシュ・ノイズを作製し始めるようになる。近年では、セミ・モデュラーやモデュラー・シンセを多用した電子ノイズ作品を多数作製し、フォーマットを問わずリリースしてきている。2013年には、KORGのVolcaシリーズを用いて作製したスラッジ・テクノイズ作品を100部限定CDRで月一で出すという”Audio Pathology Archives”を12ヶ月連続で行った(タイトル及び曲名は全て腫瘍の学名から取っている)。ライブは年に3~4回マイペースで東京、名古屋や関西にて行なっている。また石橋英子(dr)、コサカイ・フミオ(g)、K2草深(electronics)によるNo WaveバンドRNAを立ち上げ、年に1度だけライブを敢行している。

K2 profile
“K2 is a solo noise unit by Dr. Kimihide Kusafuka, who is a pathologist in a regional hospital.”

Phase 1 (1981-1983: at Chiba): He had been researching and actioned the several styles of “noise music” at that time. He had made numerous noise works as mainly cassette format and had done actively in the mail art & music. After then, he had concentrated into the medical science and stopped his all musical activity.
Phase 2 (1993-2002: Working in Tokyo): He had become a pathologist in the large hospital in Tokyo. He put up his personal label named “Kinky Musik Institute”, and re-started his musical activity, again. He released the first CD “Metaloplakia” by K2, and then he had been working on metal junk cut-up noise. He also played at the venues in Tokyo, and did the US mini-tour with M.S.B.R. and RoboChanMan, in 1999. He had released numerous harsh noise works as cassette, vinyl, CDR and CD formats through his label and other domestic/overseas labels. In this period, he released the collaboration 7’ EP called “Noise Tournament Series” with The Haters, De Fabriek, RLW, R&G, Hands To, Aube, and so on. However, he stopped his musical activity due to his busy work (as a pathologist).
Phase 3 (2005-now: at Shizuoka): He re-started his musical activity again when he got the inspiration by the e-mail from Tochnit Aleph. He has been working on numerous pedals and mixer feedback, which is entirely different from the previous styles. His electronic noise style is independent and unique. Recently, he uses numerous semi-modular and modular synthesizers and plays loud and complex noise music. In 2013, he released 100 copies-limited CDR series named “Audio Pathology Archives”, monthly, using KORG Volca series synths. Those works were of “sludge technoise”. He has been performing his live shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka, twice or three times per a year. Recently, he started super no wave band “RNA”; the members are composed of Eiko Ishibashi (Dr), Fumio Kosakai(G), K2 Kusafuka (electronics).
He has released over 150 items until now, and he is a productive noise musician.
Contact: kinkyk2@icloud.com
Digital release: http://k2music3.bandcamp.com