CM音楽の作曲からメディアコンポーザーとしての活動をスタート。現在までに2500本以上のCM音楽を手掛ける。アメリカ、フランス、イギリス、インド、ブルガリア等海外録音の経験も多数。近年は劇伴作曲家としての活動の場を広げている。2012年、サウンドトラックを担当したフランス短編映画「Le Dernier Jour de l’Hiver」がフランス国立映画祭イエール·レ·パルミエで最高音楽賞受賞。2014年からロサンゼルスに住んでいた時期にモジュラーシンセ、並びにモジュラー・オン・ザ・スポットと出会い、LAでパフォーマーとして多数のイベントに参加した経験を持つ。
After years of his artist career in the band, He launched his solo career as a media composer. In his early twenties, he’s focused on scoring television commercials and written over 2,500 television commercial projects throughout his careers. His major client includes Sony, Rolex, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Canon, among many others.
Eishi is also well versed in a wide array of synthesizers and electronic composition techniques and initially began to manipulate modular synthesizers with interest in sound design.
The Beatles’ album “Revolver” encouraged him to take the journey as a music composer. Many jazz guitar virtuosos were another influence, and he has established his signature sound upon Jazz theory. He scored a number of the top Japanese box office films. He also received the best music award at the 2012 Hyères Les Palmiers Film Festival for the film’  “Le Dernier Jour de L’hive”’.