Betasquare (Xor, The Netherlands)

Bio: Long ago when analogue synthesizers started to be ‘out’ and the digital synth era began, Thomas experimented in his german 80’s bedroom with (home)-computer generated sounds. In the early 90’s when the computers went faster and were able to to play samples, he used the first generation of trackers (mostly sample based computer sequencers) to make his first songs. At some point his computermusic, mostly influenced by chipmusic of old homecomputers found it’s way through the internet into a widespread community where he finally started to play his first gigs. For this he used mainly old homecomputers, gameboys and some self made gear. He played many concerts nearly around the world including the US, Russia and Europe with his old chip-project ‘firestARTer’. As he is also into electronics, he built and developed many DIY projects. He was following the developments of Doepfer when they were still the only ones who exposed Eurorack or modular synthesizers in general but never took the step to get started with it. That changed when he started to develop his own sequencer/synthesizer called NerdSynth. As he always made music with trackers, the tracker was of course the logical decision as the type of sequencer. He made the first real hardware tracker sequencer and started his own electronic music instrument company -> XOR Electronics. Seeing the possibility to get the sequencer ready, the NerdSynth morphed into the NerdSEQ which is now one of the most capable Eurorack sequencers out there. With that his Eurorack times began. Since the begin of 2019 he is back on stage with his new project Betasquare. His set is build around his NerdSEQ, some other self developed modules next to others.

Style: Electro, Pop, Dance