2017/11/20 Żłob Modular DIY modular workshop


Żłob Modular DIY modular workshop

Venue: Cafe Flying Teapot, Ekoda
Date: 2017/11/20 (Mon)
Time: 18:00-22:00
Entry fee: 1500yen + 1 drink

Capacity: 10 entrants
*entry by reservation only to info@tfom.info

Beginner kits:

The Żłob Modular Attenumixer is a 4hp three channel summed passive attenuator. Each channel can be used independently or the sum out provides a mix of all three channels. Good for beginners with no experience.
Kit price: ¥3,500

The Żłob Modular MiniAtt is a 2hp dual passive attenuator with toggle/mute switches for each channel. The sum out provides a mix of both channels. Better for beginners with some experience.
Kit price: ¥3,000

Intermediate kits:

– Dual VCA: ¥6,500
– MiniEq: ¥4,500
– Minimix: ¥5,000
– Push VCA: ¥7,500
– VnIcursal VCA: ¥20,000

for module info visit:

Equipment needed:
– soldering iron
– solder
– brass sponge cleaning station
– nippy/flush cutters
– helping hands
– small flat head screwdriver
*these items will be available to borrow at the workshop if you don’t have your own equipment